In addition to listening to you and your business needs, Socially Notified can help you increase your social media engagement and how to get sales leads online.  

Social Media Strategy

Does your brand have a consistent message? How many times will you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? We'll analyze what your currently doing right on social media and create a strategy to build on those strengths so that you can bring in more customers.

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Train Your Team

If you're paying a lot of money for your sales team to attend trade shows  and events to promote your hotel or company, but they're not online, then how are you optimizing the relationships they build? Allow them to speak about your products and services to thousands of potential customers online.

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Social Media Management

Let Socially Notified do it for you! We LOVE social media and it's more important now than ever to be consistent and authentic with your social media posts. We'll provide monthly reports on what your audience is interested in and what we're doing to bring you more customers.