Enjoy Social Media First

If you want to have good social media content for your company, you need to enjoy social media in the first place. You can do this by seeing the news you're most interested in first.

As a business owner, you know it's important to spread your company's story through social media. However, I hear A LOT of people say the same thing, especially towards the beginning of a new year, that they are tired of social media and seeing the same old posts from the same people. 

Social media can be fun and informative if you become Socially Notified. I like turning on notifications from pages/accounts I find the most interesting. A lot of the pages I follow give up to date information on social media news and changes. So, by turning on the notifications to these pages, I don't see the same old posts, while I also keep my finger on the ever-changing pulse of social media. 

As you can see in the above video, some of the pages I enjoy seeing first in my newsfeed include the ever so famous author Seth Godin. He writes something every day. For a while, I tried to follow all of his Twitter notifications, but he often posted around 4 AM and it fell lost upon all of my many other Twitter notifications. I like it better on Facebook because it is the first thing I see whenever I open the app. I'd highly recommend following him and seeing his short, daily writings first because they're quite a profound way to wake up. Towards the end of the video, I also do a search on Facebook for Social Media Examiner, who I also set as seeing first. They are the go-to resource for all things social media, so it just naturally makes sense. 

That screenshot of Twitter notifications is just a small sampling of the many Twitter accounts I follow and love seeing their articles first. I turned on notifications from @SandraGriffin because I like her tweets about videos, marketing, content marketing, and startups. I receive most of the social media news from @SocialMedia2Today. Whenever something is new or breaking in the social media world, they tell it first with a well-written article. It's an obvious to turn on @Contently notifications for everything content marketing. Then, of course, one of my most quoted authors @TimFerris is truly fascinating to read his Twitter updates to get even more insight into how his brain works. I then have to show how you can turn on Twitter notifications for @SociallyNotified, because well...duh. 

Instagram recently made it easier to turn on notifications from your favorite celebrity or expert in your field. When I went deeper into the social media world and start-up experience, Gary Vaynerchuck's name popped up everywhere! Known as @GaryVee practically everywhere and Instagram, I have fallen madly in love with his ideas and ways to communicate. He's known for starting innovative ways to use new social media channels or features when others are just starting to read about it all. He's created a brilliant way to ask everyone to turn on his Instagram notifications by creating the 60 second Club, where he would give away something to a lucky winner who commented on his Instagram post within the first 60 seconds. I tried it and I offer the tremendous kudos to the men and women who won, because it was insane. I tried commenting 30 seconds in, only to see that several thousand had already commented. However, he just recently posted he's considering changing the 60 Second Club to the 5 Minute Club and requiring the comment to be your two cents on the post. He's simply a brilliant and inspiring guy, so that should make sense on why I turned on his notifications. 

I also like to be notified and see first on Facebook the main account of a franchise company. So, if you own a franchise, it would benefit you to see first what the main company is tweeting or posting on Facebook. 

Who else would you recommend for turning on social media notifications? Let me know in the comments or on the social media channels. Tag the channels, to make it easier for me and others to follow you or your suggestions. Thanks and I hope you find joy in social media again.