Be authentic with your social media presence!

It's kind of amazing that I am learning so much about myself during my Jesus year! Once I turned 33, your official Jesus year as we call it around our house, I realized that I love managing the social media channels for companies, but I can and should be doing it while working from home.

This is me, working intently as a social media manager, at home. My husband said I should blur the books, so as not to offend people (??), but this is me, being real. So, go ahead and be offended you weird world.

This is me, working intently as a social media manager, at home. My husband said I should blur the books, so as not to offend people (??), but this is me, being real. So, go ahead and be offended you weird world.

Here's what I hope you get out of reading today's blog post and future posts I plan to write: I hope more people highlight the positive side of social media. I am constantly hearing about the negativity behind social media and the thought that more people communicate less because of it. I hope to debunk that thought process and further help you enjoy learning more about the world and yourself through social media. 

While I have been in the marketing/social media world for over 11 years, it wasn't until I turned 33 years old that I realized that a lot of companies need social media help, need to stay positive, and it needs to be authentic. As far as I can tell, the best way to be authentic, especially online, is to actually be there! To be around the business, product and/or service. 

Since I've gone on my own with Socially Notified, I've realized a lot of people may not know what a social media manager does or why a business owner would benefit in working with a social media manager. That's why I write to you today! 

What should I post on social media to be authentic?

Think about what interests you and your ideal audience. Do you like being inundated with a people trying to sell you on something?

There are a lot of social media managers who say you should post something along the lines of 80% of non-sales stuff and about 20% of sales type posts. So, basically, if you post 1 sales post a day, maybe post 2-3 non-sales posts either that same day or the day before or after. Generally, on Facebook you can get away with 1-2 posts, Instagram with 1 post, Twitter 3-5 posts, and YouTube maybe once a week or month. 

I like to set-up Google alerts for the topics that my client's audience will be interested in. You can also search for your industry top news on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, just look at your business and see what's sprouting up. Often times you can look stop and take a picture of the flowers and nature that surrounds your business to further add to the appeal of visiting your establishment. 

Ask questions of your audience or maybe tell your audience more about you and why they should buy from you.

What does a social media manager do to be authentic?

As a social media manager myself and as a part of many social media manager groups, we help you save time and focus on what you need/want to focus on. 

The best way I help to tell your company's story is to actually go out to your location or event and take pictures or video. I bring my family and friends as part of a mini focus group to see how they are interested in your business. 

I look at the insights of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on and create a particular avatar that I can directly talk to. I look at the gender, age, likes, and interests are of your most engaged audience type and name that person. Then, every time I try to schedule and write like I'm talking to that person. 

I don't have time to be authentic. 

A constant complaint among most business owners is the lack of time towards social media marketing. It's completely understandable and I can definitely relate. 

I receive a LOT of notifications on my phone from social media experts and they all agree it's wise to create a content calendar and strategy. While it's a great idea, you don't always have the time to create a year-long plan of posts. 

I'm realizing more and more to be authentic, I need to focus on what I can fit in. Sometimes, that means setting a timer for 30 minutes each day to just focus on posts for today or this week. 

Plus, you don't need to be on every social media channel. My new favorite website and Google Chrome extension is Similar Web. I like looking at competitors in the industry and seeing where their main source of traffic comes from. Similar Web inspired Jann Chambers, of UK Web Host Review, to create an infographic showing the most recent website statistics of 2018. A lot of times, you'll find most websites have traffic come from one or two social media channels, with Facebook being the most popular, but Pinterest and YouTube can be more popular in different industries. Do a little bit of research and you might realize that you can simplify your life a little more and be more authentic by focusing on just one or two social media channel.

Personally, I like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so I'm going to stay on those channels, but just keep reminding yourself that doesn't always need to be the case. 

What are some other ways you like to be authentic on social media? How else can you spread positive thoughts into the social media world? Let me know in the comments.