I'm Kristen Bonk and I'm the lead artist at Socially Notified. How can I help you?

I'm Kristen Bonk and I'm the lead artist at Socially Notified. How can I help you?

In this day and age, when everyone has access to the internet, you need to be on social media. To stand out on social media is an art and it pays to work with an artist.

What makes me different? 

I HATE bad social media. Searching online for a random picture to post on your page serves no purpose.

I believe every social media post should have a purpose. 

The main goal for each social media post is to provide helpful information to your audience.
But, the art to it all can be seen in short, but clear messages. 

Customer service is a HUGE deal to me. I will come to your business and take pictures plus video to ensure we tell your company story online. It's important to me that you approve the social media posts, since it's your story I'm trying to tell. Need help with a press release and media pitch? I like to do that too. If your website needs updating, I would LOVE to help with that too. 

I put myself in the shoes of your audience a lot, so it's important you know more about me. I'm a mom of a young son and my husband and I travel a lot to see baseball stadiums, drink amazing craft beer, and try delicious food. Growing up, I was the captain of my high school track team and cross country team. This was not because I was fast, by any means, but I was and still am an excellent hype (wo)man. I love encouraging people to do and be their best! 

Since 2008, I have helped promote over 400 businesses, restaurants, and professional services as well as nonprofit causes and events on social media. In doing so, I recognize what is great and bad social media marketing. My main goal for being Socially Notified is to help companies have great social media marketing. 

I love working with fitness and martial arts studios, travel and tourism industry, educational companies, restaurants, breweries, and non-profit organizations. I ultimately truly enjoy learning about a company's story, their product, and ways we can work together to connect with their audience.  

A few years back...

I was preparing the company pitch to several marketing influencers. To better listen and understand what their writing wants and needs were, I turned on the social media notifications from their channels. I built many relationships with these writers, I prepared well, and consequently, I won the Journalist Choice Award. 

After that great success, I turned on social media notifications from all the great masters in the industry. Now I can be the coach in the social media marathon that is constantly changing.