Hi, I'm Kristen Bonk and I stay notified on all things social media marketing.

Hi, I'm Kristen Bonk and I stay notified on all things social media marketing.

Welcome to Socially Notified! 

My name is Kristen Bonk and I want to make your life easier by managing your business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or YouTube page. I'm a marketer with 12 years of experience, a mom, a foodie, beer nerd, and travel fan. I stay notified on all things social media, so you can focus on your business. 

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Below are some of the latest notifications I've received on
social media news. 

  • Great staff to work with. Extremely cooperative and sensitive to my company’s issues. Would highly recommend to others.
    — Peggy, Owner of Taekwondo Physical Fitness Center
  • When Kristen worked for our nonprofit, she was instrumental in updating our online presence and creating our social media platforms. She redesigned our website to be more functional and built our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. Kristen’s expertise lead her to know the timing of our posts ad which kind of information would fully engage our readers and followers. Because of Kristen’s initiative, we are “socially connected” with over 900 Facebook followers, 400 Twitter followers and 135 Pinterest viewers. Kristen enjoys researching and learning all the new developments in the cyber world. It’s her passion and she’s good at it!
    — Nancy, Director of Development at Nonprofit for Individuals with Developmental Disabilties
  • We really appreciate the social media support for our brewery that Kristen Bonk provided when she worked for one of our partners. Her passion for beer can be seen in her writing on one of the most viewed blog posts about our new brewmaster in 2015, sharing of our social media posts to promote breweries to visitors, and much more.
    — Carolyn, Brewery Owner